OK, so you named your kids “Asteroid” and “Fun burger”, and you call your dog “Roboplop”. Now let’s turn your talent for creative names into a cool 2,000 bucks!

We just upgraded the “XB2” series of our SLEDs to what our engineers have labeled the “S” series. Boring! Our engineers are genius, but they’re not world-class namers like you.

So here’s the deal;
a) You come up with a creative name for our new SLED series –
b) Submit it to us by September 30, 2020 –
c) Our hand-picked panel will pick their favorite –
d) When they pick yours, you’ll get a $2,000 credit towards any PrimeTime products. PLUS – you get to Rescue every SLED that would have been an “S” and have it called your brainchild instead. C’mon, this is real “food for the soul” stuff! You can’t lose!

PrimeTime is the American-Made LED solution for broadcast studios, university studios, film production studios, broadcast worship services, city council chambers and video conference facilities. NO FAN. 5-Year Warranty. Made in the USA. Check out our new and improved LED lights at PrimeTimeLighting.com.


Fine print:
1. Applications should be made by going to our website and using the CONTACT US FORM. If you’re not an “internet person” you can email us at charn@primetimelighting.com with your name suggestion. Be sure to include your name, email, company name, physical address, phone and name suggestion
2. Deadline for entries is September 30, 2020
3. Choice of a winner will be decided entirely by our panel of judges
4. The winner will be announced November 1, 2020 via email and on website
5. The prize of a $2,000 credit can only be applied to the MSRP of current PrimeTime products
6. In the unlikely event that we don’t receive any submissions the judges deem worthy of our SLEDs, no winner will be declared and we’ll default back to the “S” designation
7. Please make sure all entries include:

  • name suggestion(s)
  • your first and last name
  • your email address
  • company name
  • your physical address
  • and your phone number