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Incredible punch and throw for a soft light.

MSLED40 XB2 PrimeTimeUsing the newest energy-efficient LED technology the MSLED 40 XB2 boasts twice the width and coverage of the MSLED 20 XB2. Utilize it in a low ceiling or low grid height environment to key light, fill, side or backlight talent on chroma key or interview set. It's got an incredible throw for a soft light with a single, soft shadow. Perfect for broadcast studios, film production, broadcast worship services, distance learning or video conference facilities that need a low ceiling light fixture. Manufactured in the USA with PrimeTime's innovative design, energy-saving LED technology for cool and professional talent illumination.



  • Uncompromised engineering standards - NO FAN, no noise, no vibration
  • Bright, single shadow rendering with a consistent soft light output for optimal talent lighting. Enables talent to stay cool and composed
  • FIVE-YEAR Warranty
  • Energy-efficient - saves power by only drawing 120 Watts
  • Highest quality Light Emitting Diodes (LED) - 50,000 hour rated lifetime
  • High Color Rendering Index of 93+ (93+ CRI)
  • Amazing soft shadow for wraparound light quality
  • Even brighter than our fluorescent counterparts 
  • No Fan! Passive cooling, completely silent
  • Perfect for low ceiling applications
  • Built by hand in America with PrimeTime’s legacy of high performance, superior quality, and durability
  • Available in Tungsten or Daylight color temperature
  • Local and remote dimmable using local adjustment or optional DMX-512 signal decoder(s)
  • Fanless cooling - all of our LED products stay cool and bright because of our innovative engineering
  • Flicker-free performance
  • Long lasting LED saves on staff maintenance



  • 0-10v analog dimming, DMX available
  • Draws 120 Watts of power
  • Accepts 5-pin XLR cables
  • All aluminum construction 
  • Dimensions:  54" wide, 6.5" tall, 6.5" deep. Weight  lbs.

 Photometrics coming soon.

 MSLED 40 XB2 Operating Manual



Wide and Medium Honeycomb Available



I worked with you to relight our TV Studio at the College of Media & Communication. The upgrade in lighting was not only successful but has already made a difference in temperature and light intensity in the room. 

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