LF124/154  |  MJ124/154

More affectionately known as our "tube" light, the 2.75" diameter LF series is the fixture of choice for small, cramped mounting locations, for wall washing in a video-conference room, for backlighting talent in low ceiling applications – anywhere that a long, even, linear light source is required. Available in 2' length, 4', 8', and even in continuous row mount up to 60' in length with only one power drop. The beam angle for this fixture with a Fresnel lens is 100° vertical, 109° horizontal. Optional honeycombs available to collimate this light output if and when needed. Models: LF124 2ft, LF154 4ft, LF254 8ft.

1X 24w or 54w (2X in 254) T5HO triphosphor lamps (rated 10,000 hours)
Linear fill light
Tungsten (standard, included) or daylight (54w only) lamp availability
82-85 CRI (Color Rendering Index)
Draws 24w/.23 Amps at 120V (LF124), 54w/0.5 Amps at 120V (LF154)
Available in non-dimming, line voltage or analog (LF154 only) dimming


Linear Fresnel


I worked with you to relight our TV Studio at the College of Media & Communication. The upgrade in lighting was not only successful but has already made a difference in temperature and light intensity in the room. 

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