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LED 31 48

LED 31 48

LED 31 11  |  LED 77 11

The LED 31 48 is a broad wash studio fill fixture delivering exceptional light output with surprisingly low power consumption and low heat. We under-drive our diodes to maximize longevity and performance over the 35,000 hour (min.) rated life. The 48° native lenses deliver an even broad wash suitable for side fill or broad wash front lighting applications. The native beam angle is 40° vertical, 53° horizontal and can be controlled with optional honeycomb accessories, or further softened using optional diffusion gels.

15 X 4w CREE® XP-G diodes being under-driven at 2w
Soft fill light source
Daisy chain power
Tungsten or daylight
80-85 CRI (Color Rendering Index)
Draws 35w, or only 0.3 Amps at 120V
Available in non-dimming, line voltage, analog, or fully-digital DMX dimming




I worked with you to relight our TV Studio at the College of Media & Communication. The upgrade in lighting was not only successful but has already made a difference in temperature and light intensity in the room. 

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