Dimming Manual

"DIM" (voltage dimming) studio lights utilize two wire voltage dimming ballasts. Remote SCR controllers reduce voltage resulting in a reducton of light output. The number of luminaires that can be controlled by one SCR depends on the size of the SCR. These controllers may be manually operated or driven by a primary signal such as DMX. If each light is to be controlled individually, a DMX multi-channnel decoder to voltage shoe box could interface with the DIM luminaire. The DIM system will reduce light output from 100-0%. A manual switch should be included in the system since there is a small wattage consumed by the ballasts which are still powered up when dimmed to black.

PrimeTime Lighting Systems offers LED and fluorescent studio lights which accept DMX-512 digital signals and respond precisely. Each fixture which is equipped with a DMX decoder and can be assigned a number from 1 to 512 by setting the address select switch. Any DMX control system can then dim individual luminaires independently from 100% to black. If the DMX signal is 2% for a fixed time, the fixture will turn off.

Dimming Manual


I worked with you to relight our TV Studio at the College of Media & Communication. The upgrade in lighting was not only successful but has already made a difference in temperature and light intensity in the room. 

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